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Are you interested in ADS membership for your organization? You are in good company. Our current ADS members include major public pensions, endowments, sovereigns, administrators, portfolio and advisory firms, technology providers, benchmarking firms, and more. Stay tuned for press releases in Q1 2020!


What does this mean? The origin of #NotAnotherTemplate

One of the key ADS business social media hashtags is #NotAnotherTemplate, but market participants who are in the know may think that this somehow reflects negatively on reputable industry organizations that have brought forward standardized templates for the industry.  

Not at all.

#NotAnotherTemplate is the ADS tagline promoting the fact that ADS does not compete with nor overwrite the good efforts of our fellow industry efforts in the PE space.  Instead, the role of ADS is more so that of an extension of industry efforts because ADS is focused not on changing existing templates but on standardizing the technical language used in electronic reporting files (through tagging and data definitions) of PE reporting.  #Optimisation is the goal.

Templates are clearly part of the journey.  However, ADS is moving the industry towards a future with an efficient GP-LP reporting experience where an ADS data standard will allow for the automated exchange of reporting files utilizing the ADS data standard as a key or legend for the cross-mapping of data files from and into any system.