ADS Initiative

ADS Initiative

ADS InitiativeADS InitiativeADS Initiative

Adopting Data Standards

ADS Initiative


ADS Goals

The ADS Initiative is a membership organization and a cross-collaboration of private capital stakeholders 

that are working together and committed to:

  • Completing a live, digital GP-LP reporting proof-of-concept 
  • Promoting efficiency and consistency in digital GP-LP reporting 
  • Building consensus for the benefit of the industry
  • A "commercially neutral" initiative that fosters engagement and participation  
  • Developing generally accepted global data standards

The ADS Initiative is focused on fostering a collaborative and conflict-free forum to build momentum in private capital for global data standards.  ADS seeks to promote standards that will facilitate digital reporting for efficiency and transparency in the GP-LP relationship with an informed and realistic timeline expectation for adoption in the industry.  Generally accepted data standards in financial reporting will provide a solid foundation for the free market to solve for the higher technology and analytical needs of all market participants.  


Who are the ADS Supporters?

The ADS Initiative is supported by many organizations that include:

  • Asset allocators
  • Institutional investors
  • Investment firms
  • Fund administrators
  • Technology firms
  • Consultants and advisors
  • Benchmarking organisations

Expect to hear more information about these well-known organizations and professionals in the coming months. 


The Collaborative ADS Approach

ADS supporters recognize the fundamental need to create a non-commercial, collaborative environment even among competing firms.

This ground-breaking, ideological approach of the ADS Initiative for private capital is part of the ground rules required for participation that 

facilitates cooperation and independence.